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UKNA Online Meeting Guidance

Helping to keep our online meetings a safe space to share.

Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or NA as a whole”.

As such, our groups' conscience around online meeting may differ from another’s. Including it in our preamble, at the beginning of the meeting, may help our members understand our individual groups' conscience and what is expected of us.

To help, here are a few suggestions we may want to consider:

  • Treat online meetings in exactly the same way we would a face to face meeting.
  • Join 5-10 minutes early so we have enough time to get ourselves connected.
  • Mute our microphone when we are not speaking
  • Use the “Raise hand” feature so the secretary knows when we want to speak. Try to avoid talking over/at the same time as other members.
  • Maybe consider the following.
    • No vaping / smoking. Some members may find the visual effects of vaping very triggering. Are we allowed to vape in our normal face to face meetings?
    • Appropriate dress. How would we be dressed for a normal face to face meeting?
    • Multitasking. What would we normally do if we were sat in a face to face meeting? Try to avoid checking emails, browsing the internet etc.
  • Minimise distractions for ourselves and others. Find a quiet space without interruptions or background noise and maybe hold off eating meals during the meeting.
  • Consider our environment and anonymity