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Changing your Meeting's Details

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Changing your Meeting's Details


1. Find the meeting you want to edit.


 2. Click on the NEW DRAFT tab at the top (only visible when logged in)


All the existing info is now laid out before you in a form. You can edit DAY, or TIME, or ADDRESS etc., if doing so, state what has changed in the URGENT INFO box.

URGENT INFO is also good for 'Meeting Folded ~ Nov 2017' or 'No Meeting this week due to redecoration ~ nov 2014'

XMAS & NEW YEAR INFO box [which is visible for three months of the year] is good for 'No meeting 24th & 31st' etc, or 'meeting running all through Christmas & New Year' (the Helpline's policy is to only send callers to meeting which state they are definitely running)


 pLEASE USE CAPS Appropriately! If you type all IN CAPS we won't OK your changes. Also if you type all in lower case. Use Sentence Case, with all First words with a Cap, and all Nouns & Names with a Cap. We don't have time to edit your entire entry to bring it up to standard.

PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR CHANGES IN THIS BOX. Also, fill in this part if you want your details added as Contact. This won't delete older numbers unless you ask for a specific name & number to be deleted.


Fill in your contact details at the bottom, for verification purposes [not for publication]
We cannot change details unless you prove who you are & your connection to the meeting.
Thus your edit will be ignored unless this part is filled in.



Give a brief outline of the changes made OR if it's a NEW MEETING [YEH!]
VERY IMPORTANT! Sometimes they're just not apparent.
Especially important if you're adding contact details!

Then press SAVE. We shall then verify the changes and they'll be published within 24 hours. Check back later to make sure all changes are correct

NB: If your change is urgent (No Venue Today! - Flooding; etc), once you've edited the details send an email to us saying you need the change approved immediately to [email protected] DON'T just send details of the change. It won't be accepted. Make the change, then email.

All feedback on how to improve this service greatfully received.


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Change of meeting

A caller has asked when the details of meetings in The Where to Find will be amended. I advised him that changes would be made when the new book becomes available. I would like to know when the new Where to Find books are issued and how often is the website's meeting database updated?

In love and fellowship from Charis x

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Good question. Let's pass

The website is checked for submissions of changes to meetings every morning.

Good question about W2F. Let's pass this one over to Brett at the UKSO

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The wtf is reprinted when the existing edition runs out, on average, every three months. 

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Meeting cancelled

I've tried to change the details for the North dulwich meeting to say that it will not be open for the next two weeks, so it will be shut Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, but it doesn't look like the changes have been made. Can you help?

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Changes need to be okayed by

Changes need to be okayed by the admin team. be patient

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Can't find the New Drafts Tab in the Meeting List and unable to amend details of meeting I secretary for.  Please advise. 

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Hi Naiou - try another

Hi Naiou - try another browser. Some browsers security settings stop the tab from being visible.

IE is good [never thought I'd say that!]

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