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Advice on starting a new meeting please?

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Advice on starting a new meeting please?

Would like some advice on getting a meeting started in Nottingham? as (sadly) there isnt that many

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We get a lot of enquiries

We get a lot of enquiries from drug workers wanting meetings started in their facilities, which is great, but we have to remind them that these meetings can only be run by Recovering addicts for: 'The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel'. Thus the Committee must be made up entirely of recovering addicts. 

Starter packs for new meetings in remote areas are available from the UK Service Office. Write to them at 202, City Road, London EC1 with the following information: Complete meeting info including day, time; address, postcode etc. They will send a pack of their choice [normally reading cards, keyrings, introductory guides and pamphlets] THIS IS FOR REMOTE MEETINGS ONLY. 

Metropolitan meetings should visit their local ASC [Area Service Committee] for starter packs. Here's the list of ASCs: 

Remind them to call the Helpline with the info when the meeting is up and running 0300 999 12 12, or fill in the form on the website here:


So, you're starting a new group. Here is a checklist of the things most groups feel are important to line up before opening their first meeting.

• Get in touch with the nearest Area Service Committee. An ASC meeting is the ideal place for announcing your intention to start a new group. There, you can gather experience from representatives of other groups in the area, and learn of the services available to your group when you need them.

• Obtain a meeting place. A public place to be rented, not a private address: A Church hall, community centre, school room etc.


Here are some of the things to be nailed down when opening a new meeting:

1: Where?

2: When? Day/ time/ and duration of the meeting

3: How much? What is the facility charging for rent? Is that realistic, keeping in mind the number of people you can expect to attend the meeting?

4: When is the rent due?.

5: What does the facility require? Absolutely no litter? Sweep, mop after the meeting? Close windows, lock doors?


• Name your group. A few things you may want to consider are: Is the name recovery oriented? Does the name create the impression that the group is affiliated with the facility in which it holds its meetings?

What group trusted servants are needed? What does the group expect those people to do? Make sure all group members agree on what they want their officers to do?


• What kind of meeting format will you use? 'The Group' Booklet describes a number of format variations commonly used in our fellowship. Which format—or combination of formats—does your group want to use?

• Will this be a "closed" NA meeting? Or an "open" meeting?

• What kinds of NA literature does your group want to stock? 

• What kinds of refreshments should be purchased?


Remind them to call the Helpline with the info when the meeting is up and running 0300 999 12 12, or fill in the form on the website here: 

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new meetings

Thanks andy that's a great help, much appreciated

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